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T-Slot Sizing - practicalmachinist.com Some of the T-nuts didn't quite fit the slots being a tiny bit oversize. Ten minutes with a file and a sanding wheel cured them as they weren't that hard. What I'm saying is the 5/8 T-nuts are supposed to be undersize to fit a 5/8 slot but even if they're not it's not a big deal, just file to size. T-Slot Nuts - Metric Sizes, manufactured by Te-Co • The last thread is incomplete on T-Slot Nuts to prevent the stud from turning through the bottom of the nut. • Standard package quantity: 41401-41419 - 25 pcs. 61401-61413 - 25 pcs. • Tapped through T-Slot Nuts are also available -- to order tapped through, add a "T" after the above part No.'s (ex: 41412T) T-Slots and T-Nuts - Metric Sizes - engineeringtoolbox.com

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IS 2013 (1995): T-Slots- Dimensions and Spacings ‘Machine tool tables -T-slots and corresponding bolts’. The ... This standard covers the dimensions for T-slots 2.1 T-Slots ... A T-slot with size A=22 mm and ...

Our Universal T-track features a unique "stacked" T-slot that accepts both 5/16" T-bolts and 1/4" T-bolts, as well as 1/4" Hex-bolts. This means you can use all the hardware and T-track accessories from your old jigs in addition to the newer style hardware.

T-Slot Nuts - Metric Sizes, manufactured by Te-Co

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Tooling Components - TE-CO TOOLING COMPONENTS. Table. Part. T-Slot. Stud. Weight. No. Size. Size. (lbs/ kit). 20601. 3/8 ...... Many sizes conform to TCMAI standards. +.001. +.000. Part. Aluminum Extrusion Table Plate| 50mm T-Slot Table Plate - Isel USA